On April 2021,VietSoftware International (VSII) officially released and launched anew product TraXem SCM with breakthrough changes in interface design, technology and product features.


“Using TraXemTM SCM will initiate a change in social behavior in production and consumption.Manufacturers will certify themselvesthe origin and the production process that ensures the quality of their products.”

TraXemTM SCM has prepared data infrastructure and data retrieval services through open APIs, ready for national and international regulators to verify and license certificates of origin and quality of products quickly over the Internet. “

On April 2021 recently, after many years of product research and development, VietSoftware International officially launched a new product TraXemTM SCM – a product that is expected to provide optimal support for the enterprise supply chain management.

VietSoftware International (VSII) is a company specialized in developing and implementing IT software systems for production and business management in order to improve the efficiency of management and administration for enterprises, business organizations and society.

Photo 1: Report’s screen interface of TraXem SCM

TraXemTM SCM is an important technological step forward in VSII’s product development. The system is built for optimization of supply chain operations with a simple and user-friendly interface. Besides the impressive point of interface and features, TraXemTM SCM also provides the following advantages:

  • Using QR codes in supply chain management systems to help businesses digitalizing their product lifecycle from packaging to distribution and activate product warranty. Unlike traditional bar codes, QR codes can store more characters and customer will get more information about the product.

  • Applying Blockchain platform in traceability across the entire supply chain. Compared to applications using only IoT platforms, the Blockchain platform provides a more efficient solution to combat counterfeiting and trace quality of products.
  • Numerous reporting tools availables for warehouses, sales and marketing. The system collects data and makes forecasts to help businesses planning their appropriate production and distribution of products.
Photo 2: Data analysis screen interface

With the vision of becoming a regional technology company that provides digital solutions for production and services in order to help businesses transforming effectively, VSII has spent many years researching and developing this solution and building a reputation and credit to thousands of domestic and foreign customers. With TraXemTM SCM, VSII aims to bring sustainable values ​​to businesses such as:

Save time and reduce costs

Not only save time searching for consumers, but also contributes effectively to the business itself. In the case of updating product information, enterprises do not need to modify all hard-copy documents, which cost a lot of money, but only need to easily change information on the TraXemTM SCM administration system.

For enterprises with multiple product codes (SKUs: Stock-Keeping Unit), instead of having to manually manage them on Excel or internal documents that take a lot of time, effort and prone to storage risks, enterprises can use the administration system that TraXemTM SCM provides for information statistics and tracking of product. This system will help enterprises saving time searching, managing products and minimizing errors due to the digitally stored information.

TraXemTM SCM has prepared the data infrastructure and data retrieval services through open APIs, ready for national and international regulators to verify and certify product quality and origin quickly over the Internet.


Increase efficiency of communication and customer care

Not only bring directly efficiency in revenue and operation, TraXemTM SCM also focuses on helping enterprises communicate more effectively. By digitizing all product information displayed on the application, enterprises can directly link to their website / fanpage / email / e-commerce channels. With just one click of the mouse, consumers will easily access the official communication channels of the enterprise, thereby receiving accurate and selective information sources than searching for information by themselves on the Internet.

On the business side, TraXemTM SCM also actively creates reverse connection by storing data of customers who have activated product warranty. As a result, enterprises will have an additional database of important customer data – the people who use their products themselves – without additional investigation costs. Thereby enterprises can directly interact and care for this group of customers with marketing solutions, personalizing their experience to improve communication efficiency. At the same time, the in-depth data analytics will help enterprises when they come up with marketing strategies to customers, production or distribution by region … contributing to optimal sales and business efficiency.


Increase sales

According to a recent study by Nielsen – a global data measurement and analysis company, 70% of consumers ask businesses to be transparent about their origin, price, and composition of each product. Therefore, providing adequate product information will directly impact consumer psychology when making buying decisions, prompting them to choose transparent products instead of products of unknown origin, and directly contributing to revenue growth for genuine businesses.


Product information transparency

Providing information about the enterprise and its products attached to a QR code and attaching it to the company’s products, helps consumers to easily check information about the product, origin as well as the enterprise manufacturing those products, from which the product can be traced. Each QR code on the package will only match one product of the enterprise entered into the system of TraXemTM SCM. From that code, one can look up information about product and enterprise, reducing the risk of counterfeiting and product imitation.

Using TraXemTM SCM will initiate a change in social behavior in production and consumption. Manufacturers will certify themselves the origin and the production process that ensures the quality of their products.